Keeping Your New Wood Fence Clean Through Cleaning and Power Washing Keeps It Attractive

You've just made a big investment in an attractive new wooden fence and now you want to keep it looking it's best and lasting for a long time. What is the best way to do this? Regular cleaning and power washing should be important steps in your total fence care regimen. This helps to remove any mildew, grime or dirt that has built up and helps to keep these things from harming your new fence. Pros from DFW Fence Experts have the chemical washing solutions, proper equipment, and know-how to keep your fence looking its best.

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A Simple Cleansing or Preparation for Painting or Staining

Specialists from DFW Fence Experts are happy to come out and evaluate your wood fence and will let you know exactly what cleansing or power washing needs to be done to bring it back up to a like-new state. Whether you simply want a good washing and sanitizing for aesthetic purposes, or you want your fence thoroughly cleaned in advance preparation for staining or painting, our pros have exactly the solutions and equipment needed to get the job done right. Your new fence needs periodic maintenance and cleansing to keep it looking beautiful. Here are ways we help to accomplish this:

  • Using the Right Solutions - We know exactly what solutions to use to keep wood from drying out or becoming damaged, while also providing an exceptional level of clean
  • Eco Friendly Methods and Solutions - Methods and solutions we use won't harm grass or surrounding shrubbery and will still provide the best clean for your wooden fence
  • Using the Right Equipment - We use equipment that will do a thorough cleaning job without damaging your wooden fence surfaces or parts of your fence

There is an art to properly power washing and cleaning wooden fences. You can be sure of the expert care you get from DFW Fence Experts for any wood fence in Dallas, Richardson, Plano, Garland or Mesquite. We strive to be the Dallas area's number one provider of wood cleansing and washing services.

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We Take Necessary Precautions to Prevent Damage

Specialists from DFW Fence Experts are well-versed in all the latest best practices in wood care and we provide an exceptional yet gentle clean for all of your wooden fencing surfaces. We pride ourselves in helping you to have the best-looking fence possible. Taking great care of your wood fence now can help you to avoid potentially costly fence replacement in the future. We have complete respect for the investment you've made in your fence and strive to keep it lasting a long time for you.

We remove unsightly mildew, stains, and any beginnings of mold to keep your fence looking and performing well. Your satisfaction is our number one goal. We know that if you're satisfied with our service you may recommend us to your family and friends in the Dallas, Richardson, Plano, Mesquite and Garland areas. We consider this the highest compliment we can receive for providing exceptional service, as we keep our focus on integrity, exceptional attention to detail and excellent workmanship. You'll get a clean you can depend on and be proud of, guaranteed.

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