Covered Patios Make a Dramatic Difference and Add Value to a Home

One thing is true about the Dallas and Fort Worth area, the weather can be unpredictable. You can experience sunshine, followed by a dramatic rainstorm, all in a matter of hours. Patio enclosures or a covered patio area by DFW Fence Experts can be the perfect answer you’ve been searching for to make your outdoor backyard area more enjoyable even through the most unpredictable and untamed weather conditions.

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Add a Sense of Sophisticated Style to Your Home

Adding an extra element of sophistication to your home and even more usefulness to your backyard is easy with a custom patio that features a cover to keep the most harsh elements at bay. Well planned and thoughtfully constructed covered patio enclosures are the answer to creating the perfect transitional area between your home and yard. With extra features like ceiling fans or lighting, the area becomes useful both during the day and at night. With a new enclosed patio area you’ll enjoy benefits like:

  • • A Space for Fresh Air and Reading – Cozy up with a good book or a favorite hobby and enjoy the ability to do what you love outdoors with no worries about weather
  • • A Place for Meals – Enjoy a delightful breakfast or cook up something special any time of day and dine Al Fresco with outdoor patio enclosures
  • • Gathering Spot for Special Occasions – You’ll create the perfect space to celebrate the special occasions that make life more enjoyable, with plenty of room for everyone and the ability to still be outdoors in any weather

You might be pleasantly surprised by how much a simple thing like covered patios can change the way you’re able to spend time outdoors with friends and family. With protection from both hot sun and rain, everyone can enjoy their favorite activities, no matter what the weather brings.

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A Stylish and Affordable Option for Any Budget

With so many choices in styles, sizes and materials to construct these custom patios in the Dallas and Fort Worth areas, you’ll be thrilled by the many options you have for creativity and individuality. Let us know what you envision and we’ll do our best to bring that vision to life. Our craftsmen are talented and skilled and will help you every step of the way to create exactly the space you want.

Our specialists keep a focus on building exactly the outdoor space you’ve dreamed of, using only the best materials, combined with the highest quality craftsmanship. We believe you’ll be impressed with the choices you have in outdoor patio enclosures that truly protect you from the elements for many years of enjoyment. As a bonus, these enclosures add value to your home so if you do have a need to sell in the future, you know that you’ve added true home value.

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Adding Extra Interest to Your Home and Landscape

Covered patios are one of the most sought after types of additions to any home, simply because of their wide range of styles and the versatility they add to a home. In places like North Texas, weather can be a huge factor in planning any type of outdoor activity. With covered patio enclosures, your options are as wide open as the vast Texas landscape. While they are affordable and worthwhile additions, there are things that can affect your overall costs including:

  • • Presence of an Existing Slab – Price of your new enclosure can vary by whether you have an already existing concrete slab so patio enclosures can simply be added to the patio area
  • • A Decision About Screening or No Screening – You can decide whether you wish to screen in the enclosed patio area. Screening can help to keep pests out, especially if you plan to use the area in the evenings or at night
  • • Special Additions – You can decide to add extra beneficial touches like lighting and ceiling fans right away, or at a later time, which can affect your cost

The size of your covered patio, the shape of it, and the materials used can all be adjusted to work well within your budget. Our talented advisors can help you to make all the important decisions to maximize the enjoyment of your newly created enclosed patio area. In addition, you’ll get smart advice on the way your new patio enclosure will look when it’s completed to help you make the most informed decisions.

Quality Makes All The Difference

We strive to be sure you get the highest 3uality possible in materials and workmanship to make sure your new outdoor space is exactly what you hoped for. Our skilled technicians help you every step of the way. Your questions will be answered completely and all of your concerns fully addressed before work begins so you’re assured of total satisfaction with your outdoor project.

Our consistent goal is your 100 percent satisfaction with every step of the process, from design conception to completion of your newly created custom patio. We know that when you’re satisfied with our work, you’re more likely to recommend us to your friends, family and neighbors. We can’t think of a better compliment than that. Custom patios are our passion, and creating them for you to the highest quality standards is a responsibility that we take seriously. We want you to absolutely love your new outdoor space.

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