Dallas Homeowners Love the Options in Natural Wood Fencing from DFW Fence Experts

With so many options in Dallas TX for things to see and do and delightful restaurants to try, it's nice to retreat to your haven of tranquility at the end of the day, your home. Making your Dallas home even more enjoyable with wood fencing installed in your yard is what we're here to do. Your smartest move is to have your new wood fence installed and maintained by experts so you can simply enjoy it in a carefree way.

Specialists from DFW Fence Experts are happy to come out to give you a free estimate. Before you know it, you'll be on your way to having that attractive new fence in your yard or around your pool area that your entire family will love.

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Your New Fence Brings Years of Enjoyment with Proper Care

With a few clicks on our website or a simple phone call, a technician from DFW Fence Experts will be out to give you stellar advice on the type of fence that suits your needs best, and you'll get a free estimate of all costs. This way you can make your best, most informed decision. Expert wood fence installation will be done, adhering to any codes or requirements here in Dallas. Once your fence is in, you'll love the other fence care services we offer including:

  • Fence Painting and Staining - With a good coat of either solid paint or semi-transparent paint that lets the beauty of the wood-grain shine, or with expertly applied wood fence staining, your new fence stays protected against things like weather, moisture and insects
  • Power Washing and Wood Fence Cleaning - Professional wood fence cleaning by our experts helps remove grime, mildew and dirt, and helps to keep mold at bay. Our specialists have the cleaning solutions and equipment to clean your fence and help preserve its beauty
  • Expert Repairs - Any time you notice a wobbly post, a gate that won't close right, or rails have been pulled loose from posts, you have the knowledgeable professionals from DFW Fence Experts to depend on for expert wood fence repair

When your fence is well cared for, it adds value to your home while creating an attractive and usable bonus outdoor space for everyone to enjoy. Our technicians are happy to help care for your new wood fence, whether you've chosen popular and attractive cedar wood or spruce. You can have confidence that every wood fence cleaning and wood fence repair service is delivered by experts. Any time you need professional wood fence staining or painting, we're just a phone call away.

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Natural Wood Fencing is a Smart Option for Dallas

Homeowners in Dallas Texas appreciate the natural beauty and durability of natural wood fencing. The most popular choice is cedar wood for a variety of reasons. The color is an attractive reddish-brown hue, and cedar has natural resistance to insects and pests because they find oils in the wood to be distasteful. You also have choices of spruce, redwood or pine. Every wood fence option comes with many benefits including:

  • Resistance to Splitting, Warping and Cupping - Harder woods tend to resist these elements that could be detrimental to a fence over time
  • Attractive Weathering Properties - Many types of wood can withstand the amount of UV rays, wind, storms and even freezing conditions in the winter months that are a natural part of life in Dallas TX. Many types of wooden fencing will age into a silver-gray color that stays attractive
  • An Affordable Option - Natural wood is a more affordable fencing option than some of the other options. Homeowners appreciate its rugged and rustic good looks
  • Environmentally Friendly Material - Fencing crafted from natural wood is eco-friendly since new trees are often planted to replace trees used to create fencing material, and when it's time to dispose of the materials, wood tends to be biodegradable

Once your new wood fence installation is complete, we're confident that you'll love the results. You'll have that outdoor bonus space you've dreamed of for outdoor entertaining and enjoyment, and you'll add extra curb appeal and value to your Texas home. Specialists from DFW Fence Experts will be out soon after you contact us to get you on your way to enjoying a beautifully fenced-in yard.

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Professional Installation is the Smart Choice

With professional wood fence installation from DFW Fence Experts, your attractive new fence will last through years of outdoor gatherings and pool parties while adding real value to your home. This is one home improvement you'll appreciate. We make it a great experience with our focus on professionalism. You'll appreciate these things:

  • High Quality Materials and Stellar Workmanship - DFW Fence Experts is known for using high quality fencing materials and installing your new fence using our skill combined with the latest technology
  • Friendly and Helpful Professionals - Our specialists will go over all the nuances that apply to your fence choice and will answer your questions and go over any concerns before work starts
  • Attention We Pay to Details - We know the smallest details are the most memorable and often mean the most. Your new fence is a big investment that we build to last

Call to get a free estimate and to have our pros give you the best advice. You'll see what a difference dedicated service makes. We know you'll appreciate having a beautifully fenced-in yard to enjoy.

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