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When you notice loose parts of a fence or parts that are beginning to buckle or wobble, a simple fence repair may be all you need to get your fence back to looking and functioning beautifully. It pays to call an expert in wood fence repair to evaluate the issues and determine what needs to be done to fix your fence. Often times, repairs done professionally may help your fence last for many more years without the need to replace the entire fence. Pros from DFW Fence Experts are happy to evaluate your fence and let you know what your needs are.

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Things that Can Go Wrong with Wood Fencing

After years of withstanding challenging weather conditions and wear on fence parts like gates from being used a lot, you may find that you need expert fence repair. In Dallas, Garland, Plano, Mesquite and Richardson Texas, you can rely on the specialists from DFW Fence Experts for great advice and for prompt, complete repairs that get your fence back to excellent condition. Here are some of the issues we address:

  • Repairing Fence Gates - When a gate begins to look uneven, wobbles when opened or closed, or won't close entirely, you may need to have your gate repaired. Our experts determine whether it's simply the hinges that need repairing or replacing, or if you need to have more work done
  • Wobbling Posts - When posts have become loose, things like splints can be applied to help secure them and re-balance them, or a technician may determine that you need to have the post replaced
  • Rail Replacement - Rails may come loose and the section of fencing where the rail is may need to be professionally dismantled and re-built
  • Fixing Loose Rails - Rails can sometimes be repaired with 2 x 4 scraps and metal braces. Our technicians have the knowledge, expertise, and skill to make your fence repair and return it to a like-new condition

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Wooden fences should ideally be inspected yearly to find and repair areas that have become rotted, loose, wobbly or dysfunctional. Specialists from DFW Fence Experts are happy to come out to your Dallas, Garland, Richardson, Mesquite or Plano home and evaluate your fencing for specific signs of damage and to give you a free estimate.

Rely on Experts for Repairing Wood Fences

Experts know all of the tips, tricks and latest trends to get your fence back to prime condition in the most cost-effective way possible. You'll save time, money and effort through professional wood fence repair. We help remove the hassle of attempting do-it-yourself repairs that may ultimately be ineffective or incorrect.

A simple phone call to DFW Fence Experts brings our specialists to your doorstep. Before you know it, all of your repairs are done in a cost-effective and timely way so you can continue on with the other pressing and important things life brings your way. You'll feel a sense of real relief knowing your repairs were done exactly the way they should have been done.

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