Pros You Can Rely on for all Your Wood Fence Painting and Staining Needs

Once you have your wood fence installed, you want to do your best to protect it from harmful conditions that can quickly dull your fence's good looks. In the Dallas area and surrounding metro areas like Richardson, Garland, Plano and Mesquite, you need to have superior protection from three-digit temperatures and from storms that pop up suddenly in summertime, as well as from freezing conditions in winter. These extremes in temperature and moisture levels create challenges for protecting a wooden fence and keeping it looking its best.

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We Are Up To The Challenges

With vast experience in painting and staining of wood fences, DFW Fence Experts help protect your fence against elements like harmful UV rays. We can also protect your beautiful new fencing from excessive moisture, which is one of the biggest enemies of solid wood fencing. Other things that a good coat of paint or staining can help protect your fence against include:

  • Insect Damage - A good coat of stain or paint on wooden fences helps to deter pests from taking up their homes near your fence or from damaging the wood that your fence is crafted from
  • Protection from Rot - Moisture that is left to sit on fence surfaces or allowed to soak into the wood can create problems from rot unless wood is protected by painting and staining
  • Weather Protection - By applying a good coat of paint using high-quality solid or semi-transparent paint, or by using a superior stain for staining, we keep your wooden fence looking newer and more attractive, while giving it protection from the often changing and challenging weather conditions that come up in the Dallas area

A simple phone call or a few clicks on DFW Fence Experts website will bring a specialist to your home to provide a free estimate for painting and staining your solid wood fence. Our techs are happy to go over the benefits of various kinds of paints and stains and help you select what will work best in your situation. Our specialists are highly trained and skilled at applying exactly the protection you need to keep your fence looking stunning and lasting for years.

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Protecting Your Investment in the Smartest Way

Whether your wood fence surrounds a yard in Plano, a ranch in Richardson, or your fence was custom built to surround a pool and spa area in Garland, Texas, you need to have your investment protected from weather, wear and tear, and potential moisture rot problems. Staining and painting are the most effective ways to protect your investment and keep your wood fence looking its best. When the work is done by experts, you have extra security in knowing the job was done right.

Our licensed and insured technicians have the utmost respect for your time and resources. We'll be out when we say we'll be there, ready to expertly paint or stain your wood fence using the highest quality materials. Our experts will give you excellent advice about all of your options so you can make the most informed decision. Your newly painted or stained fence will hold up well under the most challenging conditions and last for years.

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