Homes in Plano TX are Even More Beautiful with Custom Created Wooden Fences

Residents in Plano TX take pride in their community and in a near perfect blending of older and newer homes. With nature preserves to provide green space and a charming and historic downtown area to enjoy, residents love creating backyard atmospheres that let them get out and savor the nice weather months. This can be accomplished by having attractive cedar and other wooden fences installed in yards and around swimming pool areas.

Residential streets are dotted with old trees and beautifully fenced-in yard spaces in Plano. DFW Fence Experts love installing high-quality wooden fences that will last and be enjoyed by Plano residents for many years. We're the premiere wood fence company Plano TX relies on to beautify their green spaces.

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Wooden Fences Have Many Advantages

New wood fencing creates a private green space to be enjoyed, as it adds value to homes and increases curb appeal. Choose from beautiful cedar, spruce, pine and redwood fences to add that element of outdoorsy sophistication to any home. Pros from DFW Fence Experts are happy to provide a free estimate so you'll know exactly what your charges will be, materials that will be used to create your fence, and how long it will take to accomplish your wood fence installation. Premiere advantages of wooden fencing include:

  • Creating Safe Spaces - You’ll be happy to let kids and pets play in a fenced-in area, while being able to watch them closely. Homeowners also enjoy having flexibility to entertain in their newly created outdoor space
  • Wood is Affordable Over Other Fencing Materials - Natural wood fencing provides a beautiful and affordable option for homes. It's durable and tends to last for many years
  • Wood is Attractive - Giving yards a rustic and rugged look is a big benefit of natural wooden fencing. It ages well and tends to look even more attractive over time
  • A Green Eco-Friendly Option - Wood is a green and eco-friendly option for fences because trees are replaced after they're cut for fencing materials, and when fences are eventually replaced, they're disposed of in an economical, green way

An attractively fenced-in yard automatically increases a home's desirability and worth. We're confident that you'll love the way your new natural wooden fence looks and performs, along with your new yard space. We think you'll be impressed with the knowledge and dedication of our technicians and their drive to do the best wood fence installation for your needs.

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Reasons A Wooden Fence is so Attractive

Wood fences are known for being sturdy, rugged and beautiful looking. But did you know that some woods like cedar are also resistant to pests and insects? The oils emitted through wood pores are unattractive to insects and can help act as a natural repellent. Other advantages of wood include:

  • Weathering Attractively - Wood ages to an attractive silver-gray color, giving your yard space a rustic ambiance. Cedar can withstand weather conditions ranging from high winds to rain, UV rays and hot temperatures, to the freezing precipitation and temperatures that can happen in Plano winters
  • Resistance to Factors Like Warping and Splitting - Wood is strong and durable and able to resist things like splitting and warping. If these things do happen, it's good to know you've got pros from DFW Fence Experts to call for quick and complete wood fence repair services
  • Providing Levels of Privacy - A wood fence can be constructed with slats that are close together for maximum privacy, or farther apart if less privacy is desired

Property aesthetics are enhanced and you'll feel a real sense of pride when you look out at your new wooden fence once it's expertly installed. You'll be happy to host gatherings or simply enjoy watching kids and pets play in a private, fenced-in area. Once your new fence is up, you'll want to get the best care for it to keep it looking its best and lasting a long time.

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Other Premiere Fence Care Services Provided by DFW Fence Experts

Whether your goal is simply to take great care of you new fence, or to change its looks to suit a new design scheme, you'll love knowing you have experts to call who can help with the upkeep of your fence. DFW Fence Experts are happy to provide these fence care services:

  • Expert Fence Repairs - If anything goes wrong, it's comforting to know you have experts close by that can fix your fence and get it back to working order quickly. If gates begin to sag, posts start to wobble, rails need to be replaced, or you need a simple repair on a rail that is pulling apart from a post, we're here to provide expert wood fence repair
  • Cleaning and Power Washing - Sometimes all you need is professional wood fence cleaning or a thorough power washing to get your fence back to its beautiful best
  • Staining and Painting - Wood fence staining is a specialty and a service we're happy to provide. Painting with solid paint colors or with semi-transparent paints can also enhance the good looks of your fence

We believe you'll be impressed with our friendly, attentive and knowledgeable technicians and the stellar services they're dedicated to providing. Wood fencing is an art and a specialty and it's one that we've mastered. Give us a call and we'll be happy to provide exactly the fencing you need for maximum enjoyment of your Plano TX yard.

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