Every Wood Fence We Build in Richardson TX is Uniquely Designed

In a family-centered place like Richardson TX, having a fenced-in backyard makes sense. Everyone can enjoy being outdoors when the weather is nice and will appreciate a green space enclosed by natural wood fencing. When it comes to choosing your new wood fence, we strive to be the first place you think of for sage advice and for expert wood fence installation.

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Professionals Create the Yard You Dream Of

Our dedicated technicians are happy to come out to evaluate your yard space and to give you a free estimate of what the cost will be to create a beautiful new fence. A simple call or a few clicks on a website form will bring our pros directly to you. A place like Richardson is enhanced and made even more enjoyable when you have a special area to call your own. Our technicians happily deliver expert services to folks in the Dallas metro area including:

  • Expert Installation of Wood Fencing - From posts to rails, hinges to gates, you get exactly the fence you need expertly installed by pros from DFW Fence Experts
  • Fence Painting and Staining - Whether you choose a stunning natural wood stain or a pretty solid colored or semi-transparent paint shade, our wood fence staining experts are happy to help make your new fenced-in area a real source of pride
  • Professional Repairs - If anything goes wrong with your fence, or you simply need gate or other adjustments to return your wood fence back to its original beautiful condition, pros in Richardson from DFW Fence Experts are happy to provide the wood fence repair you need to enhance and extend the life of your fence
  • Expert Power Washing and Cleaning - A smart way to protect your investment in a high-quality wood fence is to regularly have it power washed by wood fence cleaning experts. This removes harmful elements like grime, dirt and mildew as it keeps your fence looking its best

Whether you simply enjoy sitting in your yard in Richardson watching kids and pets running and playing, or you hope to host family styled barbecues as everyone passes heaping homemade dishes across a table, folks in this corner of the world love to be outdoors. You create a bonus outdoor area when you have premium wood fencing installed in your yard for everyone to enjoy.

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Fences Crafted from Real Wood Have Terrific Benefits

Fences that are custom-created for your space made from beautiful woods like cedar, spruce, pine or redwood enhance any outdoor space. Fences that have been installed using professional wood fence installation services are known to last for years, and once they've been constructed, they're nearly effortless. All you supply is your friends and family, fun, and good food to enjoy your yard space. Benefits of authentic wooden fencing include:

  • Resistance to Insects - Cedar fences especially tend to be pest resistant. Once the oils in the wood come out, insects find that distasteful and won't stay. Some woods also resist fleas, mosquitoes and ticks, making solid wood a brilliant choice for fencing material
  • Weathering and Aging Well - Wooden fencing, especially if it's been painted or undergoes professional wood fence staining, can be very resistant to harmful things like moisture, wind, humidity and sub-zero temperatures. Natural woods age to a pretty silver-gray color and stay nice looking even after years of enjoyment
  • Resisting Splitting and Warping - Strong hardwoods come with an extra benefit of resistance to splitting, warping, bowing, cupping and decay. It's good to know that if any of these things become a concern, you have expert wood fence repair conveniently available through the pros at DFW Fence Experts
  • Enhancing Your Property Value - Real wooden fencing enhances the curb appeal of any property and can add real value to your already attractive Richardson TX property

Folks in this part of Texas already know they live in a highly sought after and attractive area. Having a custom-created wooden fence added to your yard space or surrounding a swimming pool area gives you another feature that adds to your enjoyment while increasing the value of your property. Technicians from DFW Fence Experts are happy to get you started and help you through every step of adding a real wooden fence to your yard.

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The DFW Fence Experts Difference

Our professionals maintain a high level of professionalism, integrity and dedication to providing excellent work. You'll also enjoy these positive attributes of our specialists:

  • Paying Attention to Details - Every facet of having your new fence installed is carefully considered from sizes to the material used and your ultimate goal for having a fence on your property. Paying attention to these details sets our technicians apart
  • The Highest Quality Materials - We use only materials that we would want to construct wooden fences in our own yards so you're assured of getting premium quality
  • Dedication to Excellent Craftsmanship - We build your new custom fence with a dedication to and a passion for excellence. We are fence building craftsman and that dedication shows in every project we undertake

Your fence will not only be well-constructed, it should last a long time, up to 16 to 20 years in cases where cedar is used. We want you to be happy with every service from DFW Fence Experts. We strive for excellence and 100 percent customer satisfaction with every fence we build.

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