Professionally Remove Old Tree Stumps with Stump Grinding Before Fence Building Begins

You've decided to have a new wood fence installed on your Dallas, Plano, Richardson, Garland or Mesquite property, but there's one problem. There are old tree stumps in the way, exactly where you want your new fence to go. There's an easy solution available through the professionals at DFW Fence Experts. We're happy to come out and do all of the advanced preparation work, including professional stump grinding, before your new fence is built.

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The Experience You Need

We have exactly the experience needed, and the proper tools and stump grinding and removal equipment required, to prepare your yard area for a new wooden fence. Our technicians are specially trained in the proper grinding and removal methods and best practices to get rid of tree stumps that are in the way. Professionals have these advantages:

  • Expertise in Stump Removal - Pros are well-versed in the latest best practices and methods of effective tree stump removal. Stumps and their accompanying roots are effectively dealt with so the area is clear and ready for a new wood fence
  • Professional Caliber Equipment - We use professional caliber equipment for tree stump removal, including grinders and excavating equipment to effectively clear any area
  • Technicians are Licensed and Insured - Our specialists are licensed and insured so you're ensured of high quality professional work. We take pride in professionalism and integrity. It shows in every job we do

We'll take great care in removing any tree stumps that are in the way and use our expertise to build the sturdy new wood fence you want to have to provide privacy, a boundary marker and a new fence that is easy to maintain. Folks in the Dallas metro area take great pride in their homes and yards. Professionally installed wood fencing plays an important role.

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Never Attempt Grinding or Removing Stumps Yourself

You never want to attempt removing and destroying tree stumps on your own. The smart move is to always call professionals like those from DFW Fence Experts to clear your yard area and to give you exactly the space you need for new fencing. There are several good reasons to hire professionals for tree stump work including:

  • Safety Concerns - Burning or grinding tree stumps on your own can lead to potential injury or unexpected property damage. Experts do the work safely and effectively
  • Experts Provide a Complete Solution - When professionals do your stump grinding and removal, you know the work is being done properly and things like tree roots and stump pieces are destroyed or removed so they won't cause future problems
  • Work Done Quickly and Easily - Pros get the job done quickly, easily and correctly the first time

Some people get half way through a do-it-yourself project and find that they need more supplies, requiring another trip to a home improvement store. Or, they may attempt the job and end up calling in a professional anyway due to the job being overwhelming. The smart move is to rely on pros from DFW Fence Experts for all stump removing and grinding work.

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